Your Off-Site Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

In modern times, you need someone looking after your company’s growth from a technological perspective – moving you from analog business to the digital age. Ross specialises in drawing the full value from modern online technologies and data by helping oversee operations, processes and people throughout the course of digital transformation. Avoid the day to day ‘firefighting’, and get Ross to help fulfill your CDO needs.

Digital Strategy

Digital and Technology Strategy consulting to SMMEs and entrepreneurs

Data Privacy and InfoSec

Data Privacy and Information Security advisory and consulting

Business Process Design

Moving companies forward by aligning process with technology

Fixing “Founder’s Syndrome”

Ross assists companies in leaving behind their

“we’ve always done things this way”

mindsets in order to embrace new processes, talent, and systems.

Specialities and key focus areas include:

Digital and Technology Strategy
Data Privacy and Information Security
Business Process Analysis and Improvement

Ross specialises in solving the headaches of scaling your technology business up while making full use of the people, software, processes, and culture of your company.


From keynote addresses to panel interviews and moderation


Corporate workshops to classroom and university training


Technical articles, academic publications, manuals and how-to’s

Technologist // Speaker // Facilitator

Ross has been in the IT industry for almost 20 years, starting his first desktop support company at the age of 16. His experience has ranged from callcentres, development houses, network infrastructure and more. After moving into management, he noticed a divide between the technology, people, and processes within business.

Ross bridges this divide by means of specialist consulting solutions, public speaking, and facilitation of training within the sphere of business in general. Technology is all around us, yet in business we confine it to the IT department. Ross’ solutions involve the entire business, from strategy to implementation; bringing a technical flair, unparalleled communication, and years of experience to the table.