Your Outsourced CISO

Data Protection is not the IT department’s problem, it’s company-wide. As such, you need to ensure that your teams, from the ground up, are trained and aware of their responsibility when it comes to the data in their command.

Ross and his network of professionals can help you comply with Data Protection Legislation, by offering training from basic awareness through to the specifics of legislation for your Information Officers, and by offering specialised bolt-on consulting for your company.

Help Us Comply

Data Protection and Information Security advisory and consulting

Strengthen Our Strategy

Outsourced Chief Information Officer to SMMEs and entrepreneurs

Speak at an Event

From keynote addresses to training and awareness campaigns

Professional Speaker // Data Crusader

Data compliance that works for you. Ross G Saunders Consulting helps organisations comply with Data Protection regulation in a way that works for them. Be it speaking at events, education of teams, short programmes for baseline compliance, or long-term ongoing compliance.

Specialities include:

Data Privacy and Compliance (GDPR, POPIA)
Cloud, InfoSec and Privacy Strategy
Hosting and Advanced Technical Consultation
Technology Strategy

Ross makes a very technical subject sexy! If you want to be ahead of the curve on Data Security and prepare your organization for POPIA, he is your man.

Billy Selekane

Executive Chairman, Billy Selekane and Associates

Business Process Design

Moving companies forward by aligning process with technology


Corporate workshops to classroom and university training


Technical articles, academic publications, manuals and how-to’s

I highly recommend Ross Saunders for any speaking engagement where the audience wants to learn and be encouraged about technology issues. I heard Ross speak at our professional speakers association conference, as well as interviewed him on air for a radio show, and he was fantastic. Ross took complicated topics and made them easy to understand, without being condescending, and then explained them again in terms of our real world application in ways that made us inspired about the future and possibilities.

Charlotte Kemp

Professional Speaker, Futures Alchemist