Keynotes, Panels and Moderation

No stranger to the stage, Ross has been involved in public speaking since grade school, both on stage and off. From beginnings in the debate club and SA Guild speaking, Ross has moved to deliver training, keynotes, panel discussions, and even technical & AV for conferences.

Ross currently serves as the president of the Pretoria chapter of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA) – the industry body for professional speakers in South and Southern Africa. He also serves as the ambassador for the PSASA to the Global Speakers Federation (GSF), a federation of speakers associations spanning 15 associations across 20 countries.

Ross’ signature keynotes are listed below, aimed at a range of audiences from SMME up to large corporates and ExCo teams.

Ross presented very well. The flow was very logical – context, problem and threats, controls, tools and technology. He managed to raise interest in the room (not easy when this is the last presentation of the conference). In fact, after the presentation there were discussions about why this session was not done earlier in the program!

Vidia Mooneegan

Senior Vice President, Ceridian Mauritius

Featured Keynote:

Data Privacy – Why Should You Care?

Ross will take your staff on a journey of his own identity theft ordeal, explaining why the protection of personal information is everyone’s responsibility, and not just that of the IT team.

This talk covers Ross’ own experience, as well as other industry breaches and “near-misses”. In it, he explains how everyone is responsible for looking after personal information, adding the human aspect to what can, and does, go wrong in data protection.

Today was an important day for our team. Your talk really highlighted the most important aspects of POPIA and GDPR and we really came to understand at a deep level why everyone in the team plays an active role in data governance. We really appreciate how you made the subject feel very personal and clearly demonstrated how easy a data breach can happen however at the same time showed us that sometimes the simplest and smallest initiatives can have the biggest impact. I know the team has really changed their view on data privacy and protection and I look forward to hearing you talk again in the future.

Andrew Burns

Technical Director, Smoke Customer Intelligence