Outsourced Chief Information Officer Services

The Problem

Too often, IT Strategy is seen as the be all and end all, where organisations believe that their technology and digital assets are the domain of the IT department. In this day and age, technology, data, and people in an organisation need to be looked at holistically in order to address challenges and maintain business momentum.

Unfortunately, businesses are often too far into “firefighting” mode to address strategy across the whole organisation, managing day to day instead of for the future. Strategy falls by the wayside in favour of the immediate requirements.

A Helping Hand

Ross has many years experience in moving technology companies from small starts to enterprise-ready scale. Having held numerous senior management and ExCo roles, he has had exposure to all facets of the company, from marketing to process implementation.

He can help as a “fresh pair of eyes” on your day to day processes as well as designing a winning strategy going forward. Whether it’s scaling into the cloud to be enterprise ready, or simply incrementally improving processes, policies, and procedures, Ross can assist.

Services Offered

  • Strategy Design
  • Process Management
  • Software Advisory
  • Upskilling and Training
  • Technical Hiring and HR Advisory
  • Policy Drafting
  • Change Management
  • Information Security
  • Data Privacy


  • Buy-in from Staff
  • Compliance to Legislation
  • Maximised Software Value
  • Up to Date Policies and Procedures
  • Measurable Strategy
  • The Right People in the Right Role


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Billing is calculated per project on a value-based billing model instead of hourly rates. Ross believes you should know what you are paying for and the monthly outcomes you can expect.

Typical project duration: 12-18 months