Business Process Design and Consulting

The Problem

“We’ve always done things this way”

This may have worked when you were smaller, or in a different environment, or even with past teams, but how do you know that your internal processes are operating at efficiency? Often, maintaining the status quo process wise can be damaging. It is vitally important to review and visualize your processes on a regular basis, while also allowing input to your way of doing things.

A Helping Hand

Ross has been at the helm of process change for numerous multinational companies, spanning different cultures, time-zones, and operational requirements. Let him take an outside look at the efficiencies of your business in order to avoid bias from management and teams alike.

Services Offered

  • Process Redesign
  • Technology Alignment to Process
  • Change Management
  • Adoption of New Tools
  • Advisory on Holistic Processes
  • Design Thinking Application Company Wide


  • Creation of Critical Feedback Loops
  • Buy-in and Involvement of People
  • Measurable Efficiency
  • Visibility of All Teams’ Processes
  • Interaction and Integration of Silos
  • Knowledge Sharing and Cooperation


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Billing is calculated per project on a value-based billing model instead of hourly rates. Ross believes you should know what you are paying for and the monthly outcomes you can expect.

Typical project duration: 3-12 months