Data Privacy

Hackers Are Not The Only Threat

An honest mistake today could shut your doors tomorrow

There are hidden dangers between people and technology that could be a hazard where you least expect it.

Hackers in the distance are the least of your worries, it could be

your own personnel, procedures, and data privacy compliance.

Regulations such as GDPR, POPIA and others impose strict rules and hefty penalties for non-compliance to data protection. If you are not looking after your data and educating your teams, you could have a breach from the inside without knowing it.


Breaches Caused by System Faults***


Yearly Increase in Total Cost of Data Breaches**


Yearly Increase in Cost per Record Lost in Error**


Breaches Caused by Human Error***

In this 40 minute talk and 20 minute Q&A, Ross highlights to all levels of the organisation that they have a responsibility towards data security and data privacy.

The talk details Ross’ own identity theft and the consequences thereof, as well as how other privacy breaches can originate from the least expected departments and sources, regardless of industry.

Your teams will walk away with knowledge of how easily breaches happen, as well as practical methods to safeguard themselves, your clients, and your business.

Your talk really highlighted the most important aspects of POPIA and GDPR and we really came to understand at a deep level why everyone in the team plays an active role in data governance. We really appreciate how you made the subject feel very personal and clearly demonstrated how easy a data breach can happen however at the same time showed us that sometimes the simplest and smallest initiatives can have the biggest impact.

Andrew Burns

Technical Director, Smoke Customer Intelligence

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About Ross

Ross has been passionately speaking on Data related topics for a number of years, and has been featured on radio shows such as ‘Breakfast with David’ on KAYA FM and ‘Future Focused Business’ on Hashtag Radio. He has also spoken internationally at numerous events and conferences.

Ross has a particular passion for Data Privacy, having been a victim of identity theft and seeing first hand the impact of data breaches on both individuals and organisations. He aims to help organisations manage their data effectively, avoiding the dangerous pitfalls they may not be aware of.

Having served on numerous InfoSec committees and managing multinational IT implementations, Ross has a unique insight into the way data is handled within businesses, with a keen eye for detail and mindset of ongoing compliance.

Ross holds a Masters Degree (Cum Laude) in the Management of Technology and Innovation, and is a proud member of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa.

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*2018 Ponemon Institute Cost of Data Breach Study
**Australia Notifiable Data Breaches First and Second Quarterly Reports 2018
***2019 Ponemon Institute Cost of Data Breach Study