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Online Class – Separating POPIA Fact From Fiction

Zoom Online Meeting

One of the most popular posts on my site details 10 myths about POPIA. In this class, I'll dive into some of the more common misconceptions around POPIA and how it affects your business and compliance. There are, unfortunately, many opportunistic consultancies and media agencies jumping on the POPIA and data protection bandwagon without the […]


Practical Privacy for Software/Tech Companies – June 2020

MS Teams Online Meeting

A data breach can close a software company's doors. Information Officers and Data Protection Officers need to know their responsibilities, and they need this delivered in an understandable and relatable way. They need something practical, and they need something applicable. As a software developer or SaaS vendor You’re potentially up against civil action, fines, forensics fees, compensation, […]


Practical Privacy for Recruiters – POPI is not a 4-letter word

Zoom Online Meeting

Sifting through the fear mongering and rumourmill can be difficult. In this 3 hour seminar, I'll take you through an introduction to what the South African (and global) regulations say about privacy, and how you can comply and continue business-as-usual as a recruiter.