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Privacy and Security on your Home Network

Just as we should be concerned about privacy and security on public networks, we should be securing our home networks too. With dangers of having guests on your WiFi, to annoying online trackers and advertisers, many tools and habits are available to secure your home...

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Tools for Privacy for Public WiFi Hotspots

A little while ago I wrote a post on the dangers of public WiFi, and received a number of requests for tools that can be used to protect your privacy, both when mobile and while at home. This post will detail some of the tools that I use in order to use the web in...

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Unknown Devices: IT Teams and Vigilance

Every IT administrator has a nightmare about discovering an unknown, rogue device in a server room or attached to a network point, so why do we only rely on the IT manager to be on the lookout for this? I've seen it at numerous clients, we slot in a new device in the...

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Social Engineering and Data Privacy

Part of your Data Privacy and Information Security plans should be the education of your teams on the subject of social engineering. Social Engineering is a means of exploiting the human factor in your office and obtaining information without the use of computers. Six...

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The Dangers of Public WiFi

A while back I posted on the dangers of guest WiFi in your office, today's article will relate more to folks who use free public Wifi available in coffee shops, airports, malls and so on. While these services are great and will save you money on mobile data, they...

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Yes, AWS and Azure are cross-border transfers

Something that comes up in regular discussions with corporates is that of whether transferring data to Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure counts as a cross-border transfer, and in many cases, the answer is yes! What is a cross-border transfer? As the name...

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Data Privacy in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

If you are a Software-as-a-Service provider, you may find yourself in some particularly murky water when it comes to Data Privacy and keeping in compliance with the many privacy laws out there. Here are three things to consider when providing such a service. Cross...

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Can you tell me where your client’s data is?

This may sound like an easy question on the surface, telling me exactly where your clients' data is, but it goes quite a bit deeper than that. See, I don't want you looking on your network now, I want you to tell me, off the top of your head, where ALL (every. little....

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What is Data Privacy?

First off, let's get it clear that Data Privacy is not the same as Information Security. Sure, firewalls, penetration tests, encryption and complex passwords are important, but they only form a small portion of what is required for Data Privacy compliance. Laws like...

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The Importance of Data Privacy Awareness Campaigns

By now, dear business leader, you should be well on your way to compliance with data privacy regulations. With GDPR having gone live on the 25th of May this year, and with POPIA around the corner in SA, you shouldn't be sitting back and relaxing when it comes to...

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