I highly recommend Ross Saunders for any speaking engagement where the audience wants to learn and be encouraged about technology issues. I heard Ross speak at our professional speakers association conference, as well as interviewed him on air for a radio show, and he was fantastic. Ross took complicated topics and made them easy to understand, without being condescending, and then explained them again in terms of our real world application in ways that made us inspired about the future and possibilities.

Charlotte Kemp

Futures Alchemist

Ross always delivered and is efficient and effective. He has great people skills and is able to manage stressful situations with ease.

Yusuf Cassim

Application Manager

Ross is one of the hardest working and most dedicated people I’ve had the privilege of working with.

Edward Illingworth

Director of Engineering

Ross is extremely useful at taking the technical ideas and language and creating business cases that are approved at top level, thus allowing his teams to operate effectively in challenging territory.

Lendl Chetty

Lead Technical Consultant

I would like to have the honour of saying a few things about Ross Saunders.

I heard Ross present at a midyear conference and he was nothing short of brilliant!

His ability to translate technical processes into easily understandable concepts blew my mind!

I highly recommend Ross for all corporates and individuals.

Dean Murinik

Professional Speaker

Knowing Ross on a personal and business level, I have never met an individual who has such an ease of knowledge about his environment.

Tanya Cohen

Professional Services