About Ross

In short, Ross helps fix “Founder’s syndrome” to stay ahead in a modern data-driven world.

He assists companies in leaving behind their “we’ve always done things this way” mindsets in order to embrace new processes, talent, and systems. Ross specialises in solving the headaches of scaling technology businesses up while making full use of the people, software, processes, and cultures available.

He started as a paperboy in 1999, perhaps subconsciously influenced by the video game of the same title… His skill improved with practice (both at video games and real life), and his love for games saw him move into the field of IT. He then moved through a range of technical positions, with a brief dalliance in software development. Since then, Ross has spent numerous years in strategic management for a multitude of multinational software companies. He is also an alleged advocate of alliteration and grammar.

Ross has a particular passion for data privacy, having been a victim of identity theft and seeing first hand the impact of data breaches on both individuals and organisations. He aims to help organisations manage their data effectively, avoiding the pitfalls they may not be aware of.

His “happy place” is the intersection between business, technology, and people. He has a passion for helping companies get the best out of their business process and technology, all while improving the way that teams of people interact with these systems and each other. Ross loves simplifying the mysteries of technology and enabling people across the business spectrum, be it via speaking, training, or consulting.