The last couple of months have seen the blog get a little quieter, that’s because there have been loads of things happening behind the scenes while simultaneously dealing with the 1 July POPIA deadline. While the deadline is now “old news” (you still need to comply), there are some exciting alliances that have taken place between Ross G Saunders Consulting and a couple of other initiatives.

Volunteering for a Cause

The first of the initiatives is that of the Data Collaboration Alliance’s iOWN (Information Ownership Network) initiative. The DCA is a “nonprofit dedicated to a future where all data is fully-controlled by its rightful owners via the principle of #AccessNotCopies. We see control as the key that will empower more people, teams, and organizations to collaborate on data in order to deliver data-centric solutions faster and with less friction.”

As part of this volunteering, I am on the iOWN council, assisting in operationalising Proof of Concepts and different projects within the initiative, along with a number of distinguished colleagues in the privacy, security, and software spaces. The first Proof of Concept is the “Data Breach Collab”, a centralised, anonymised data breach reporting platform. It’s still in its early stages, but you can read more here.

If you are a privacy or security professional that would like to get involved in the initiative, you can sign up over at the iOWN Initiative.

North American Presence

As some may know, prior to the ‘Rona, I was regularly travelling to Canada for speaking engagements and awareness sessions, which is also why you will notice membership to the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and TechTO on my stationery. I have been receiving more and more requests from larger organisations in the region, which has seen some great relationships forming in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver.

This brings me to the second very exciting alliance, that of working with Bamboo Data Consulting based in Toronto, Canada. We have a wonderful alignment of services and offerings, and with work in the region becoming much more complex, I’ve started working with them to assist on their projects and offer some fantastic Privacy and Virtual CPO offerings for Canadian clients.

While I’m still based in South Africa, I can now offer much more robust advisory to South African and European clients that have a presence in North America, and can also refer on-the-ground services in the region to existing Canadian clients. I am also very excited to assist the team at Bamboo with PrivSec requirements in their engagements with their clients!

Get in Touch

I mentioned in the intro that you still need to comply with POPIA (didn’t think I’d come back to that, did you?), why not reach out for a gap analysis of your products and services, as well as your business. With the deadline already in the past, you can’t afford to not be moving forward with your compliance. A gap report is a great way to self-resolve various components of your privacy and security programmes, while also revealing some blind spots.

For those clients in Canada, let’s see what we can do for you in conjunction with Bamboo. Reach out to me on Eastern Time by using this calendar link.

Ross G Saunders consulting is a niche consultancy dealing with data protection (privacy and information security) in tech businesses and SMEs. We take the pain out of understanding four-letter-words like GDPR and POPI, while providing practical advice and smooth implementations. We also provide training to all levels of staff on what can (and does) go wrong in data protection.

Bamboo Data Consulting is a consulting firm that provides you with diverse, progressive, and flexible privacy and security solutions. Put simply, our approach yields practical and better results towards regulatory compliance and consumer expectation around trust. That’s because we do more than just offer privacy and security solutions. We make sure that privacy and security become an integral part of the fabric of your company.


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