In addition to advisory, I also run training courses around the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). I will be running three public courses in the first week of March, the details of which are broken down below:


Staff Awareness Training

2 March, 14:00 – 16:30

All staff should have an awareness of privacy and information security in order for you to comply with the POPI Act, in fact it is referred to as a responsibility of the Information Officer to ensure that this happens. This training covers the basics of privacy and information security in a fun and engaging workshop! A perfect introduction to the topic, or booster for new employees of companies that have had my “Interactive Introduction to Data Protection” workshop.

  • What is it: General training for all staff members
  • Perfect for: Staff members at any level in an organisation
  • Price: R 995 per person (inc VAT)
  • Attendees walk away with: A working knowledge of privacy and information security. A reference guide is included!

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POPIA Compliance for Small Businesses

3-4 March, 08:30 – 11:30

Small businesses are budget conscious, running lean, and not able to have a full-time staff member for compliance. You do not need an attorney or consultant in order to comply, but you do need to know what the law entails. This workshop offers a lean take on what you need to know for POPIA compliance as a small and micro business, as well as a number of customisable template policies for implementation (and how to complete them!).

  • What is it: Training on self-compliance to the 8 conditions of POPIA, specific to small and micro enterprises (around 1-30 employees)
  • Perfect for: Business owners, directors, executives, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs
  • Price: R 3,450 per person (inc VAT)
  • Attendees walk away with: How a privacy programme fits together, a pack of customisable policy templates, and what a small business needs to do to comply on a budget.

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POPIA for Digital Agencies and Web Developers

5 March, 09:00 – 12:00

As a digital agency, web agency, or web development house, you are constantly dealing with the “front-end” of businesses and their web presence. Every South African client you have will need to comply with POPIA and to do that there are a number of requirements that will take place on their sites. This workshop will educate you on the requirements, give you key points on how to advise and have a discussion with clients, and will highlight new design considerations and opportunities for maintenance contracts.

  • What is it: Training on best practices and how to advise your clients on POPIA compliance
  • Perfect for: Digital agencies, marketing professionals, web designers/developers
  • Price: R 1,695 per person (inc VAT)
  • Attendees walk away with: Practical knowledge on advising clients on privacy policies, cookie notices, consent and more. We’ll also cover new opportunities for maintenance and development.

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