The last few months have been incredibly busy, with changes to my existing lineup of products and additions of new initiatives. Having POPIA signed into law in South Africa has got many businesses scrambling to get their compliance in place, and I am here to help with that journey. In addition to my usual advisory services and training, I have a number of new offerings that exist to help small and medium business on the road to compliance and awareness, take a look at these below.

Product Compliance Workshops

Software-as-a-Service has been an industry I’ve been involved in for many years, and with any software product that handles personal information, you need to ensure that information held within is kept safe and in alignment with POPIA and GDPR. This workshop unpacks your SDLC and product workflow to granular detail, highlighting compliance gaps, controls that you should bolster, and what personal information is held under your command.

IT Security Audits

Part of the requirement of POPIA is having adequate security safeguards in place. An IT audit highlights gaps and concerns in your infrastructure, both from outsider threats as well as inside. I work with a number of partners to provide penetration testing and vulnerability assessments to ensure that your security remains top-of-mind after the audit is completed and your teams have remediated any issues.

Business Gap Assessments

A tie in to the workshop and audit above, the business gap assessment unpacks your business from end to end, highlighting POPIA compliance challenges and leaving you with a list of quick wins to implement from a process, policy and IT perspective.

Group Coaching

For small and micro enterprises in the same industry, I offer group coaching classes for the company heads and Information Officers. This 16 week programme runs in 2 week tranches, teaching you how to comply with POPIA on your own. The group can support one another, and the coaching includes a number of the key documents you will need in order to comply.

Saunders on Security Podcast / Video series

Saunders on Security is a podcast aimed at CISO’s, detailing different aspects of information security that a business needs to take into account. The podcast has been produced in partnership with Corinium Global Intelligence, and will be a 10 part series. Keep your eyes on Corinium’s Youtube channel for new episodes every two weeks. You can watch the first episode below!

To find out more about these or other offerings such as CISO-as-a-Service, book time directly with Ross using the calendar below.

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