I have mentioned before in a few posts, that compliance to privacy legislation should be more of a company culture based exercise than a compliance checklist. A privacy-aware culture is one that can to a degree self-manage itself with staff members helping each other out as far as privacy is concerned, as opposed to relying on internal audit and a retrospective approach. In order to build this culture, staff need to be aware of privacy legislation and how it applies to them – meaning that different levels of the organisation require different types of training. For example, a receptionist, while playing a vital part in a privacy programme as the gatekeeper to the business, does not need the same level of training as a line manager, who would be responsible for a department’s processes and privacy by design strategy.

I offer a number of different live training packages for SME’s, ranging from introductory awareness, through to customised team-by-team and Information Officer training. The training is delivered live and interactively over Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or a platform of your choice.

Introduction to Data Protection

This 3-hour workshop brings an awareness of the law, detailing at a high level what the law entails, what your teams’ responsibilities are, and what the effects on your business would be. At the end of the session, teams will leave with some practical quick wins with regards to data protection, as well as an understanding of what the business is doing when it comes to privacy compliance. Each talk is customised to the company involved, with specific examples and focus areas. This training is beneficial to all levels of staff, up to a maximum of 30 attendees.

Price: R7 950 per workshop (up to 30 attendees within the same company)

Information Officer Training

On the more advanced side, the Information Officer training is a practical 2-morning training for your designated Information Officer (or head of the company) detailing an outline of global legislation, what components a privacy programme should contain, handling incident response, and detailing the policies and procedures required for compliance. This training is much more in-depth and is greatly interactive between attendees. With no more than 8 attendees, you’re guaranteed to get personal attention and work through specific examples for your business and industry.

Price: R 3 450 per attendee (up to 8 attendees within the same industry)

Ongoing Training

Part of privacy legislation such as POPIA and GDPR, is ensuring that ongoing awareness takes place. Ongoing training is in the form of 1 hour workshops detailing industry specific concerns, department and role-based training, specific standalone events or simply ongoing awareness of your internal privacy programme. The level of training is dependent on the workshop being delivered, and is available for up to 30 attendees, much like the introductory training.

Price: R 3 450 per workshop (up to 30 attendees within the same company, discounts available for ongoing roadmaps)

Custom Training

Custom training to your specification can also be developed – perhaps you already have an active privacy programme, or you have a very particular industry or vertical that needs to be addressed. Common scenarios for custom training include addressing specific challenges, presentations to user groups and events, company functions, and teambuilding events and scenarios. This training is priced per project.

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