Being remote doesn’t stop workshops from happening, it just means they happen online! I have a number of workshops coming up in June, find out more about them below.

Need-to-Knows: Privacy and Cyber Security for the C-Suite

17 June, Free to Attend 1-Hour Class

As the executive of a company, be it for 10 people or 1000 people, you need to be aware of your responsibilities when it comes to data privacy. Privacy needs to be a culture, not a checklist, and in this online class I’ll take you through a number of the factors you need to be aware of and driving in your organisation.

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Practical Privacy for Recruiters – POPI is not a 4-letter word

26 June, R250, 3-Hour Workshop

Specifically geared at South African recruiters, this class will cover recruitment specific concerns around data privacy. Contrary to the rumourmill, POPIA will not stop you from operating. It will, however, require some fundamental business shifts to ensure you’re keeping compliant.

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Practical Privacy for Software/Tech Companies

29 and 30 June, R2,750, 2-Morning Workshop

This workshop runs over 2 days (09:00 – 12:00) and is a primer for any Information Officers, senior managers, executives or owners of a tech business – be it development, marketing, website design or otherwise. We’ll cover what your privacy programme needs to have in place, and how to implement it practically.

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Ross G Saunders Consulting is a niche data protection consultancy, working with a number of professional partners in order to help you as a business comply with data protection regulation. They help with business process, compliance, documentation and more, and can offer a full range of services to take the hassle out of data protection. Why not reach out to find out how they can help you gain a competitive advantage while simultaneously garnering support from your existing and potential customers.

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