As part of my Privacy-in-a-Box offering I have a number of template policies, procedures, agreements and notices that are provided to SMMEs looking to jump-start their Data Protection programme. These have been matured and updated over the last few years and represent some of the fundamental documents you should have in place. These templates are now available for purchase on the website!

Given that all businesses run slightly differently, an hour of consultation is included in the purchase of any of the templates. This allows me to tweak the template to your business, ensuring that the document you implement reflects your operations instead of simply being a checklist exercise.

The templates available range from very simple introductory documents (such as the Standard Operating Procedure Outline) to detailed policies covering many aspects of a business’ operations (such as the Data Protection Policy). Additional customisation and bespoke policies and plans can also be provided at standard consulting rates.

If you’d like to find out more about any of the templates, feel free to check out their individual descriptions or to contact me directly.

Ross G Saunders Consulting is a niche data protection consultancy, working with a number of professional partners in order to help you as a business comply with data protection regulation. They help with business process, compliance, documentation and more, and can offer a full range of services to take the hassle out of data protection. Why not reach out to find out how they can help you gain a competitive advantage while simultaneously garnering support from your existing and potential customers.

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