For the remainder of 2019, I am running a promotion on my popular “Introduction to Data Privacy” workshop – a workshop designed to upskill all staff in a company on what Data Privacy is. A while back I wrote an article on why education is important, this workshop facilitates that and so much more!

Why training?

Quite simply, Data Privacy is EVERYONE’s problem. Data Privacy law, including GDPR and POPIA include responsibilities across the business. From reception to C-level executives, everyone has a role to play in protecting the company, it’s clients, and each other from data breaches and security incidents. A number of the highest risks in data protection come from the “people factor”; most hacks occur because of negligence, weak passwords, social engineering, and bad practice. If you train teams up, these blindspots are exposed and gaps can be closed. An informed team is a secure team!

But POPIA isn’t here yet?

The consequences of a data breach can extend far beyond regulations like POPIA and GDPR; chances are if you’ve had an incident you are in breach of non-disclosure too and could be exposed to civil action. Also, if you are dealing with any data of European residents, you may well be liable for GDPR – Europe’s data protection regulation – without even knowing it.

What is covered?

The 3 hour interactive workshop covers the following:

  • The effect of Identity Theft on clients
  • Just how easily a data breach can happen (tailored to your company)
  • The effect of a data breach on the organisation’s clients (tailored to your company)
  • Practical, simple methods to safeguard client data
  • Awareness of Data Protection Regulations and Principles
  • An ownership of data for both client and employees
  • An overview of the steps the company has taken regarding privacy
  • The company’s roadmap going forward for privacy

All attendees will leave with a workbook with practical examples of the above, as well as their own notes and takeaways from the workshop.

What have others said?

Patric Trollope, Head: Technology at d6 group: “The POPIA awareness training Ross presented to our company was very well received. We take our responsibility of client information very seriously, and having knowledgeable guidance with clear and actionable information to improve our processes and procedures was very valuable to us!”

Matthew Troost, Developer at Netgen Custom Software Development: “Friendly and engaging – here to help you understand rather than just identify issues.”

Billy Selekane, Executive Chairman at Billy Selekane and Associates: “Ross makes a very technical subject sexy! If you want to be ahead of the curve on Data Security and prepare your organization for POPIA, he is your man.”

What is the cost and where do I book?

Until the end of November 2019, the workshop is on promotion at R6499 for up to 30 attendees!

Bookings and available dates can be selected below:

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