Everybody needs to know about Data Protection and Privacy, particularly the C-suite and senior management. My Data Protection Brunch series is just the thing to up-skill yourself and your leadership team. These informal brunch meetings take place around the country and detail the ins and outs of Data Protection for your business. There are events scheduled in Johannesburg and Cape Town for September 2019.

Why Attend?

Data Protection is more than just the IT Department’s problem, and it is much more than just an opt-in checkbox or Privacy Policy on your website. The laws are nuanced and compliance is different for every business. It is also important that you’re paying attention to Data Protection and Privacy NOW, as even though POPIA may not be in effect yet, GDPR is. If you have clients that are resident in the EU, passing through the EU, or are EU citizens, you need to comply with GDPR even if you’re based in South Africa!

Who Should Attend?

Anyone in the C-suite or senior management level of a small to medium enterprise. Data privacy regulation has a significant impact on the executive team and the directors of any business, and as such education on the laws is critical.

What is Covered?

Data Privacy Talk

The start of the morning includes a talk by Ross, covering the following:

  • Definitions of Personal Information, Data Privacy and Information Security
  • The anatomy of a corporate data breach
  • The 8 Principles of POPIA and their relation to GDPR
  • Key risk points in a business
  • Consequences of non-compliance
  • Quick wins for your business

Discussion Session

After the talk, an interactive question and answer session is held, where the group attending effectively becomes a mastermind group led by Ross. Discussions are structured around the following topics:

  • How does the law apply to your specific business
  • Key pain points in your business
  • Immediate actions that can be taken

Maturity Self-Assessment and Scorecard

The final part of the brunch, and often most valuable, is a guided self-assessment hosted by Ross, in which you analyse your own business and it’s maturity level along the road to compliance. This 36 question assessment covers the below themes and gives a stark reality check as to just how well you’re tracking against certain data protection and privacy requirements.

  • Awareness
  • Accountability
  • Legal and Contractual Requirements
  • Security
  • Openness and Transparency
  • Data and Processing

When Can I Attend?

The following upcoming brunches can be booked at Quicket:

I look forward to helping you up your game in data protection and privacy! If you can’t attend a brunch, why not book a service enquiry or arrange for an “Ex Ed” session in your office – a private training in privacy for your whole management team.

Ross G Saunders Consulting is a niche data protection consultancy, working with a number of professional partners in order to help you as a business comply with data protection regulation. They help with business process, compliance, documentation and more, and can offer a full range of services to take the hassle out of data protection. Why not reach out to find out how they can help you gain a competitive advantage while simultaneously garnering support from your existing and potential customers.

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