As most of my readers will know, I specialise in Data Protection for small companies, predominantly in the IT, SaaS, and software development space. I host keynote talks on the topic to both corporates and the public, as well as providing executive and staff education, and consulting in the space. Many companies are struggling to come to grips with the vastness of GDPR, POPIA and similar laws, I help demystify them and teach companies how to find their blind spots.

I personally know just how easily a data breach can happen, having lived through a corporate data breach and also being the victim of identity theft. I will be going through these topics at a brunch in Durban in July. The brunch will consist of a 45 minute talk on data breaches directed at the executive / senior management level of technology businesses, followed by a 1-hour interactive Q&A on POPIA, GDPR and Information Security for technology companies. We will cover the anatomy of a data breach, how the law (POPIA, GDPR) affects you, and what you can do to educate your teams around their responsibility in data protection.

The event is being held at the City Lodge Hotel Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, on the 4th of July, 2019, at a cost of R275 per person – including welcome coffee and brunch platters after the event. Networking is encouraged! I will be available afterwards for any specific queries should you not wish to raise them in the main forum.

I’d love to see you at the event and provide more information around data protection and your technology business! You are more than welcome to contact me for any further information. I’d also appreciate it greatly if you could pass this on to other teams and partners that may find it useful as well!

Should you or your team wish to attend the brunch, you can obtain tickets at Quicket with this link:

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