Just as we should be concerned about privacy and security on public networks, we should be securing our home networks too. With dangers of having guests on your WiFi, to annoying online trackers and advertisers, many tools and habits are available to secure your home network. This post will detail three top tips on securing your network at home. These tips are more technical than just point-and-click, but will stand you in good stead when it comes to protection. All three of these suggestions will require you to have admin access to your router at home.

A Strong WiFi Passphrase

Your WiFi key should be at the very least 12 characters long (if not longer). With the correct tools and a weak password, anyone within range of your WiFi can try snooping around for your password to access your network. If you find a 12 character password hard to remember, try using a phrase or sentence instead (something that is, however, not a common phrase).

Updating your Router

Sometimes the threats are not visible to you, and external parties can try exploit a weakness in your router. Most routers have a facility whereby you can update the software on the router quite quickly and painlessly. It’s important to use this regularly. Many routers were compromised a while back by an Android exploit called KRACK, which attacked routers from a mobile phone, without the phone’s owner being any the wiser!

PiHole DNS

The most technical of the options, PiHole is a Raspberry Pi based DNS server that replaces the same function on your router. It sets up regular block lists of dangerous domains and known malicious sites, and stops anyone on your network from being exposed to them. It also blocks ads incredibly well, surpassing the limitations of browser based ad-blockers (where sites block you from reading their content if ads are blocked). More details and installation instructions for PiHole can be found over at their website.

If you’d like to discuss the security on your home or corporate network, please reach out for a meeting. I’d love to assist in getting you more secure in the digital world!

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