As you may know, in addition to consulting I also deliver talks to audiences around topics such as technology strategy, business process improvement and data privacy.  New to the stable of talks I give, is one called “Data Privacy, Why Should You Care?

This talk aims at educating teams within organisations as to who is responsible for the protection of data (spoiler alert: it’s everyone). Many companies loudly proclaim they have strategies in place for data protection, yet they don’t take the time to educate their teams and employees on how they are individually responsible for the protection of their customers’, colleagues’, and own personal information.


The talk starts with a key differentiation between Data Privacy, and Information Security – two frequently confused (and confusing) terms. This is then followed by my own experience of identity theft. In this day and age it’s easy to say we’re aware of data theft, but few are aware of the life altering events that will follow it. This talk covers these events, and paints a picture of what it’s like to be a victim of this crime.

Following my story, we delve into practical examples and chilling stories of data thefts throughout different departments, touching on reception, human resources, information technology, call centres and more. We discuss the harrowing consequences for both the data subject as well as any organisation in breach, and then most importantly – what the individual can do to become a data privacy champion in the organisation.


Take control of your data privacy strategy and get everyone on the same page. To book me to come and speak to your organisation, reach out here. The talk is roughly 40 minutes long in order to include a decent Q&A afterwards for your staff, a perfect fit for a Friday lunch break!

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