Here is a piece of software that I think is great to have installed on your PC.   Definitely very handy to have from a diagnostic point of view.

Speccy is a great little tool for viewing your system specs and temperatures.   Yes, there is Microsoft’s System Info, but for the details that you will most often need, Speccy comes to the fore.   It’s also great for those situations where you want to upgrade a PC, but do not want to crack open the case to see exactly what RAM / motherboard is lurking inside.   On the first page, you get all the details you need; RAM type and speed, processor type and architecture, even the model number of your hard drive (as well as the temperatures of the processor and drives).   Selecting from the menu on the left will give you oodles of detailed information, much more than generally required (or for what my usage of the app would be).

Great little tool, I’m looking forward to what the final release will have to offer.   For more information, check out the Speccy page at

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